Not So Posh Nosh

To be honest I’ve had a hell of a job finding any really good food in Xuyi. Occasionally I’ll come across something that has that extra little bit of fresh coriander in it (I love coriander), or that’s been cooked in a particularly tasty broth (which hasn’t been fried by MSG), and I’ll return for more until I tire of it. But overall the food here is over-oily, the meat is fatty and boney, and the fish is muddy. Plenty of good veges and fruit (probably sprayed to within a vitamin of its life), but I’m not really big on them.

Best dish in town? Hands down, the pork wonton soup on the green tartan table. It’s the only dish they do in this little restaurant down by the lake. Choose from a 4, 5 or 6 yuan bowl (5 yuan to a dollar), add some sweet vinegar and a bit of chilli and be transported to, well, China.